Sunday, 22 November 2009

Belle De Jour

A word on the Belle DeJour/Brooke Marganti blog. A middle-class professional woman is artciulate enough to express her emotional journeys through page after age of tired cliches and the world goes mad. The love and hate for Cadbury's chocolate, expensive bras, red wine, being over-worked and under-loved. Its all there. The fact women can still relate to these things seems like a complete underlining of the self-indulgence of modern society. Reminds me of my year 9 English teacher and her complete lack of desire to teach me anything except how to hate your own middle-class comfort. Brooke Marganti fled comfot because she wanted the story of her life to have a seedy sub-plot; she wanted to be the classy call-girl of the Hollywood screen. Except she wasn't a film star, so she had to tell her story in a different way.

She works down the road. I'll probabaly see her in a high-collared coat buying three bottles of red from Sainsburys. Eyeing up the stubble-bearing man with the name badge that says, 'I'M A DOCTOR'.

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