Thursday, 13 August 2009

Sunday video review

I've waited patiently for this video for around four months now and it finally arrived in my local bike shop today. The first thing that struck me upon watching the intro was that it appeared my copy was faulty; the title graphics were all blurry. A quick sigh of relief then when I realised that they were supposed to be that way...Unfortuntely however, this wasn't to be the only instance of blurriness in the video. This DVD's only major flaw is the production and filming, most of which was conducted by seasoned BMX video-maker Chad Shakelburg. Shaky camerawork, jerky footage and dodgy contrast ratios and littered throughout the video and were not what I expected from the man behind the famous Shook videos. A recent interview suggested he was getting sick of making bike videos and I think the end product of his efforts here showed.

The reason this is a problem is not because it entirely spoils the viewing experience, but simply because the riding deserved better. You get fantastic, original riding from the likes of Aaron Ross, Jim C, Kurt Rasmusson and many others. Aaaron throws insane combos over super tech terrain, Jim C drops throws a 24" bike down a rail and Kurt pulls off some wild grind variations. The final section, belonging to freecoaster legend Ian Schwartz, deserves special mention. This double-section displays a level of originality in riding that I dare say I've never seen before. 'Original' is often a by-word for 'kooky', but this isn't the case with Ian. Everything looks almost effortless and hence, fun. And it is this element - 'fun' - that the video as a whole seemed to represent and what put a smile on my face as I watched it. Some glitchy production doesn't spoil that too much, I just think a more crisp end-product could have made this video one of those 'must-buys' that ends up never leaving the DVD player rather than a film that has you asking 'that could have been done better'.

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