Thursday, 9 April 2009

Flagman - Restraint 7"

This is an upload of a record I have owned for a while but received a new colour of in the post today. Like looking at a photo of yourself from summers past, giving it a spin reminded me how great it is. I took a second photo to show that despite the bad light in the first photo, this is actually on really cool looking purple wax. This was Flagman's first proper release but ironically was not made available until after their second recording session had spawned a 7"; problems with Watermark records delayed it by almost two years. It combines elements of the post-youth crew melodic sound of bands like Turning Point with a bit of a grungy twist. The aesthetics of the artwork are very emblematic of the time for hardcore, incorporating more abstract and 'emotional' imagery of the sort that was filling the pages of Anti-matter fanzine.


Flagman - Restraint

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