Monday, 28 July 2008

Songs To Scream At The Sun...

This is a brief review of Have Heart's latest recorded output; Songs To Scream At The Sun. To be blunt; this is my favourite hardcore record of the year by far. Rather than chugging out more of that signature 'modern hardcore' sound that tinged the excellent Things We Carry, this LP exhibits a fresh approach. The bass is thick and driven while the guitar remains full of interesting and catchy riffs but remains burried during vocal parts. This has created a slight inaccessibility to the sound; vocal melodies have to be heard a few times to be appreciated but once grasped you hear a much more complete and creative record than I ever expected. Pat Flynn successfully moulds his timing to even the fastest of parts and it serves to leave this twenty-one minute full-length free of filler. Lyrically, this is centred very much on Pat's own family issues and incorporates some effective imagery and thematic links (The Same Sun/The Same Son dichotomy is particularly well-articulated). The overall product; an aggressive, sincere and genre-defining record that may go some way to establishing a less rigid 'hardcore kid' identity for your average fan of modern hardcore.

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