Tuesday, 29 July 2008

A bit of Politics...

My assessment on the recent rumblings of a leadership challenge to my present Prime Minister; Gordon Brown.

If Labour is currently unelectable it may well be that is has little to do with its leader and much more to do with the prevailing political climate that poor Gordon inherited last year. Any notions of a 'national economy' scrutinised by state controls disappeared with the emergence of a global economy in the early 1980s; the present 'credit-crunch' (the most annoying 'buzzword' to be attached to an economic pickle yet), is the product of PERSONAL negligence, not ggovernmental incompetence.

I for one am convinced that Gordon Brown is by far the most competent politician on policy matters that we have in the nation. Of course he lacks the public charm and public confidence to remain above the present dilemma his party is facing in electoral terms. The instinctive electorate may well feel like a leadership change could revitalise the party - and from the rumblings of discontent coming from middle-ranking ministers the party may give that change to them befor ethe next General Election - but it will not be to the benefit of our nation's government in the long-term.

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